The cases that Bruce are most proud of are those that make Arkansas safer. He once traveled to New Zealand to track down a truck driver (who left the country) and expose a company's practice of ignoring hours of service limitations. After a railroad crossing case, a railroad company installed crossing guards at a dangerous crossing. He pioneered dram shop (illegal sale of alcohol) cases in Arkansas causing liquor stores and bars to establish strict procedures for checking IDs, preventing sales to minors. And, on several occasions, he has exposed seriously negligent healthcare providers and/or hospital practices, which make us all safer. Click here to learn more about Bruce.

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Elaine's favorite part of her work is meeting new clients and knowing that she is helping them through what are often very tragic or difficult times in their lives. To Elaine, saying we love our clients means doing whatever it takes to balance the books and deliver a fair measure of justice for their losses. Click here to learn more about Elaine.

Atticus, a recent graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, specializes in trial and mediation technology for our firm. He has years of experience in audio/visual graphic production. His cutting-edge video graphic work and media presentations are second to none. Atticus's production work has played a substantial role in convincing insurance companies to pay fair and just amounts resulting in multi-million dollar settlements.

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